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Saturday, June 19, 2010

It's For Real!....

What I had mentioned earlier isn't too far fetch after all! Be very, very afraid! :-D


Young Minstrel said...

there goes tradition...sekali forget to charge iPad battery a Father say Mass halfway iPad off by itself 0-0

did u see the new Zelda Wii demo?!!! HUAAAAAAA!!!!

Young Minstrel said...

oh ya hor...HAPPY "FATHERS'" DAY!!!! XD

Anonymous said...

Hello Fr Aloy,

Are they really using iPad for mass? Interesting and fun but dangerous. I wonder if they are going to take down the statues and crufix and just put the images in the iPad which will be placed everywhere in the parish. Ok, there goes the electricity bills of the parish. The worst thing is once there is short circuit or blackout, a church building is just like any other buildings.No iPad, no Jesus Christ, no crucifix, No statues, etc. So, instead of worshipping God, I think we are worshipping iPad which is man's creation. Whahaha...Ok, enjoy yourself!!

With Love,

ylo said...

Ya, would need a docking station to charge the battery when celebrating mass. Else, halfway through battery flat. So if battery goes flat, then is it still considered a holy book? Or battery flat then no more holy and becomes a normal iPad.


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