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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

What Beautiful?!

The FIFA World Cup (awarded 1974–Present)Image via Wikipedia
The FIFA World Cup is in full swing and despite the newly acquired Astro channels at home now, with their televising of all the games, I haven't been taken of all by the hype and excitement of the beautiful game thus far. A few have asked me earlier as to which team I would like to see win the Cup and my answer was "whomever that wins the final, lah!"

The so-called 'beautiful game' has become, for me, quite a plain and tasteless affair. There is more talk concerning the game engineered by what money can produced, rather than the pure human spirit and skills which drives the passion towards greater heights. Of course, not all teams can boast such technology and skills which money can provide, so it is really the underdogs that I really look out for. Since, they do not have that edge over the superior teams, if such an underdog do win the Cup, that would certainly be the beautiful game!
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alvin mark said...

This is beautiful...

Anonymous said...

Typical answer you will give...If I were that person who asked you that question on who would win and you gave me that answer, I would roll my eyes as usual.

One thing I don't understand is why people would want to watch the men chasing after one ball. I often think the problem will be solved if I just get each one of them a ball. I guess I will never understand. I think maybe, everyone just needs an outlet for the energy within them to be expressed. It is good to do something not logical at times to relax. If the brain overworks, the person will speed up the process of getting PhD (Permanent head Damage). Kidding. You enjoy shaking legs at home bah. I can see you smirking while your fellow priests slogging away.

With Love,

Unknown said...

'It's plain and tasteless' 'coz I am not there. I am glad you are at least following it up. I am fully in it. I shall prove it that it is actually beautiful.

Young Minstrel said...

RTOFL on the answer: "whomever that wins the final, lah!"


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