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Thursday, June 03, 2010


Behold the iPad in All Its GloryImage via Wikipedia
Unlike my fellow blogger over at ruminations, I haven't the capacity these days to sit down in front of the computer screen to put down an entry weekly that would be of interest or inspiration to those who drop by for a read.

My mind, for the past few months, have been experiencing some sort of writer's block that made blogging here rather tedious and wasting. I don't know if I can get out of this rut. Perhaps, forcing myself to write something here, anything, may bring back some enthusiasm for this...

So, while looking nonchalance as I possibly can and without seeing to be too caught up by the hype and media that has been going on with the Apple's iPad lately, I must say I am rather impressed by the product and what it can offer. Already I can see what it can become, when taken to liturgical extreme - try using that as the Book of Gospels during the entrance procession, when it is carried in by the lector, with the Apple logo in place of the crucifix, and used later for the readings as the pages are flipped by the two finger swipe! This is the perfect nightmare for any God-fearing liturgist to undergo in his/her sleep.

What say you? Thinking of going the way of everybody else and getting that iPad?...
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Little Jess said...

i can imagine :)) currently i use Universalis on iphone. Everytime i open the iphone in the mass to read the mass readings, there must be few pairs of eyes staring at my direction :))))

Young Minstrel said...

wish i could..i'm already quite "on" in changing to a Mac platform when i have the $ and iPhone seems to have the fastest touch-response time and being best user-friendly touchscreen phone. i'm 80% willing to change to Mac platform liao!

Jeff Miller said...

Had my iPad since day one and two months later I am still as excited as on day one. Plus the Liturgy of the Hours on the iPad screen is perfect.

fral said...

hmmm... looks like the iPad is here to stay! :-)

ylo said...

Way kewl! I'd so love to see the congregation bow in reverence to the "iPad of Gospels" and the priest kissing it after proclaiming the gospel! Ho ho ho! :D

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your reference to my blog, Aloy. But you know what? There are Mondays when I do struggle with what to blog about that will touch and affect the hearts and lives of the readers who do decide to pay the blog a visit. I have learnt to rely much more on the grace of God these days!


Little Babies said...

Actually, priest carrying ipad might not be so far-fetched :p Very very long ago, even writing God's word in books were considered sacrilege in some beliefs.. So , i guess, in future, when tablet replace books, we will all bow to the "sacred ipad" :)) Although, in the beginning, i believe maybe the ipad will be chained to the pews, much like when books were first put in church in middle ages when books were so expensive :))


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