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Tuesday, August 31, 2004

What I Have Come To

Finally had my cleansing session with my SD in the seminary. Explored various areas of my life and the ministry I'm in. Also spend half the day there away from the hustle and bustle of the parish as I wound down with a swim and some seminary food. Wasn't too bad as the day was also the Rector's birthday. So we had a 'sumptous' feast.

But those aside, I really wanted to take a breather from my 'work of the parish' and to see where I am going with all that has been happening all this time. The discerning factor through the spiritual direction with my SD pointed out that I am moving in a steady path towards some sort of a teaching, pastoral and inter-personal charism. More need to be looked into and it is still too early to pinpoint on anything specific.

What is most apparent is the letter to the Hebrews 12: 22 - 24 that became the force of my renewed foundation in my ministry and what I ought to follow through from now on. It is as if a sudden flash of light pierced my inner mind that consolidated all that I am today. The force of this gave me renewed understanding and resolution to be a better pastor, priest and child of God. Now I know why.


Anonymous said...

Seems like a cosy place.

2 mrt incidents in one day...hmm..

Z from SFX

Anonymous said...

Two MRT accidents in a day?

I’m afraid what you’ve come to is the profane and the mundane. From which you’re the bridge-builder (with no affected episcopal aspirations but, still, the ‘pontifex’). Build the bridge that plies and ‘pleads more insistently than the blood of Abel’s’. For this, the faithful will always be thankful.

Tu es sacerdos in aeternum!

*s*haron said...

et lux perpetua luceat eis.


Holy Drummer said...

Woah - It's the haven.

Father you know, only 4 things in that chapel caught my attention then - The statue(s) of St. Francis Xavier, The statue of Mother Mary, the 3 Holy Oils & - the picture your back is facing. =D

Anonymous said...

Et lux perpetua luceat eis?

Man alive! The priest has a while more to go! God willing.

*s*haron said...

The LADY! It's the LADY!!!! (MRT) Whaddya thinking of?!?!?!?!

Jude Gal said...

Good 4 U lah, OUTLAID Country Side, Here Am I so drained with my clients. U went cleansing???

toking abt accident, my collegue's dad died in a car accident yestday he rides a bike, 60plus, the hp sudenly rang she was crying & screamg in2 the phone. i was packing my stuffs close to 6pm wanted to go for 8pm mass. Accidents do happen everything, i am sick and tired of toking abt ACCIDENTS, part of my job. i can VOMIT BLOOD but my collegue dad's accident shocked all of us even though in our industry we tok abt accident everyday actually not tok but "SCARING PEOPLE".

2day went vic hall for lunchmass suddenly rained, GOD REALLY TESTING mgr summore on leave. was fr terence. i was toking 2 him b4 mass and he was tellg me sort of like sighing it's sad, not oni my collegue shocked, we all the whole sales team as well. sum say it's coz 7th mth - the chnese believe, even the Phuket incident. anyway now i understand y firefighters these 2 days my clients even i am covering them offduty due to job hazard they "willingly" buying.........i should make trip dwn to the fire stations or call them.

Jude Gal said...

yestday ST every 8 hrs ONE CAR ACCIDENT, my mgr & colleuge were commenting in the am and u never noe..........Accidents do happen everywhere. Be it at work, home, on road, MRT...........sumtmes it's bad for me i am "immuned" to toking abt accidents but it's different when sum1 u noe - all of us got affected by the news of colleuge's dad. sum pple dun like it "supertitous". now 7th mth not easy........2day a client told me "dun scare me", i told her "pointblank" - "it's facts of life" helo, accidents do happen anywhere. sumtmes if i running sum "couselling hotline" like a client of mine she wanted badly to buy the product but receved news tat her hubby be retrenched. her tone on the phone, i tell u she was choking with emotions i suppse she is concerned abt her family/kids and u noe i could ve juz said then the more u need the product but oso wat happens if she can't pay her monthly coverage? she mgt have to really save for raining days. do u tink i pushed for sales?

dun noe lah, i want to go oink2 liao had a long day..........

May the Souls of the Faithful Departed RIP.

Jude Gal said...

juz cme bk frm the funeral wake at AMK, but do u noe within estate there were 4 funeral wakes, mummie say b4 last tme "kampong days" like tat wan. anyway my collegue and her siblings are all christians but her dad who passed away is "freetinker". it was a simple funeral and they had a little corner where if u wan to offer jossticks it's up to u. she was oso very nice to tell my collegues if we are frightened not to go near coffin and see through glasspanel as her dad's face had been "squashed" due to the accident.

i suppse she's going thrgh the stage of "blaming" herself coz she told us her dad didn't ve any accident coverage. she said even though she all these yrs been in zis industry he never believed and so she juz "left him alone". the family have calmed dwn a lot.........
her dad was on a bike and was hit - overturned by a trailer.

u noe we in zis industry she was very open with us and told us tat she dun tink so she can bring herself to promote ACCIDENT Plan Products. she will be switching products.............

For me, all i can say is tat past 2 mths due to workrelated pblems, all my sales team members were oso there for me - STANDING BY ME, not 4getting fr aloy & bloggers...........there were tmes when i juz went on2 phone and started toking to my clients, tmes when i juz broke dwn & had to recompose myself and sales team members were there encourging me not to throw in the towel. we will oso be there for her this round.

i juz tk my "sleeping pill" abt 10 mins ago. hope tat it will knock me out soon. i am very tired - fr aloy, who's fault u tell me ??? but better for me lah. heehee.............IF I OINK2 LIKE PIGLET 2NTE, mummie be surprised. heehee...........

Jude Gal said...

didn't oink2 much last nte maybe 4 to 5 hrs, "U NEED SUM REST" Thk U Very Much 2 tat SUM1...........i am going to oink2 very soon. How cme u noe?

found a new "happeng place" to eat dner. it's at cityhall but it's buffet style and oso 50 Calories oni per plate of food. heehee..........a lot of VEGES but oso got FISH & CHICKEN but sum1 mgt not like it lah, 50 calories - can afford more than tat. it's called AIWA, cme out i tink in streats or 2day b4. it's the east meets west kinda of thingy and very happeng. wkends muz reserve. not tried yet but dun mind, happened 2 passby jus now.

no go mass at hyatt 2day ended up at HANS having lunch, ate wat u tink lor..........BLACK PEPPER STEAK. I noe it's friday but a lot of pple stopped eating CHCKEN AND EGGS.


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