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Sunday, June 22, 2008

Year End

Holland plays Russia this evening at the Euro 2008. I had already given the match to Holland but a quick glance over at the Euro website, shows that Russia is up by 1 goal, 15 minutes into the second half! Holland seems to have been blighted by their own fear of thinking that they may not be having it easy as in the first round. But the match still has a bit more of a way to go before we see and outright winner....

Anyway, I saw off Fr Nicholas Stephen as he headed off with his brother and another friend to Germany. Fr Nicholas has already completed his studies and was my classmate for the Spirituality course. From Germany, he and the others will head towards Sabah after a few days of sightseeng there. Fr Stanley Pang has also finished his studies in Canon Law and will head back to Singapore by the end of this month and that leaves me the sole Singaporean in the Collegio.

People and friends whom I am familiar and can relate with are making their way back to their respective countries. Makes me feel lonely and wish I could go back too. Well, I shall do that same time next year and by then I should be more than happy to say goodbye to this crazy city which I am still trying to come to terms with.

(update: Russia defeated Holland 3 -1, 22/06/2008)

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Young Minstrel said...

the whole neighbourhood heard my exclamation of shock at Holland's defeat when i read the headlines on The New Paper


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