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Monday, June 23, 2008

Lazy Sunday

Another quiet day with nothing much to do. It was a hot day as usual and my room during the course of the day could feel the heat building up making it felt like a microwave oven!

As I am writing this, Italy is playing Spain for the semis of the Euro2008. It doesn't interests me who eventually wins, though my heart goes out to the Spaniards. Animated shouts could be heard from the corridor nearby as the fans here cheer on their respective teams through the tv in some the rooms.

I am still nursing a flu and cough which are slowly tapering off. But the medication which I am taking caused some level of tiredness and lethargy, which was why I didn't really push myself in engaging in any hard activity, except to laze around and took some naps.

In the evening, like about now, it is much cooler outside but there is nothing much to do there much less to look at. The moon comes up late after 11.00 p.m. but by that time I am much inclined to wind down and get to bed. However, I may just do something with my scope in the room and have it trained on the night sky and watch some craters on the Moon. Perhaps...

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