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Saturday, June 21, 2008


Aaahh... the holidays are really here for me!
I just finished my last paper on Thursday and have been savouring the activities of essentially doing nothing! Yes, I am practically lazing around and enjoying the peaceful settings of the day. No worries about studies and assignments and what time to leave the Collegio... :-)

It would be a little much better, though, it I didn't have to care for my irritating cough and flu that dropped in unexpectedly over Tuesday. I have been slowly and gradually getting the better hand of it over those ailment with some self-help and leftover medication, and they managed to contained the situation.

By next week, I shall have to pack up my things a little and make a shift of abode to the Convitto as I shall stay there with the Dominicans during the summer break. That place is right in my University (Angelicum) and also within the oldest part of Rome and a place where tourists congregate. The closest famous touristy monument within walking distant to the University is the Colosseum. I have passed by there a few times already, but never really went in.

For now, let me just enjoy the moment of being able to just do nothing... :-D

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