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Sunday, June 15, 2008

CatholiCircus #4

Welcome back to another roundup of fascinating blogs of Catholic interest or thereabouts. I am in the mood to put this down and thought that I do so now before I forget or place this in the back burner that may just slip into the mysterious black hole of forgetfulness and never to return.

So, here are some entries gleaned over the blogosphere that may perk your week's reading besides what you are currently digesting...

The existence of 'atheists' is taken up by Catholic Analysis (CA) as he dissects the real meaning of the term. During my theological studies in the seminary, oh so long ago, I had to deal with this particular subject matter in passing (we were studying more the question of faith) and it triggered a similar thought then that CA crystallises here rather well.

This priestly dilemma is a common phenomenon that usually strikes one who struggles with what it means to be in the world and yet not of the world. I, for one, can identify with it.

OK, this one is not strictly Catholic, but it's content, especially this particular set, may as well speak for the grandeur of God as we, the faithful, see it. It's the kind of content that I would really like to be able to capture now and then! ;-)

Finally, after having the privilege to celebrate many weddings and solemnising them in my previous parish, I have seen many wedding booklets that were prepared in such ways to reflect the couple's intention for a fruitful life together. This can be seen from the Scripture passages and readings they choose for the occasion to be use for the ceremony. This particular passage may have been done often enough but according to Catholic Sensibility "... your casual Christians don’t hear enough of it".


Young Minstrel said...

still prefer the white makes u look..well..bleak..HAHAHA!!!

Fr.Stanely cool lor, German language

alvin mark said...

He seemed shorter than you... What? 9 Euros for a picture??? Should've gotten the person behind you to snap with a mobile phone or something... you know? Under cover work...? :O)

Am sure that was quite a moment for you!

Anonymous said...

Hi father

congratulations on the completion of your exams by the time you read this comment.
your blogs have been interesting as it certainly underpins life crosses that each individual person, even priests face.

BTW, this is Olivia, Geraldine Szetoh's friend who met you in Rome together with her.

Unknown said...

@oli: thanks for the encouragement! Hope you enjoyed yr trip during the pilgrimage :-)


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