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Sunday, June 15, 2008


It may not be as famous or well known a celebration as the previous parent's, but it still deserve a recognition, for without this particular parent, we, and I happily include myself, would not exist. While the commercial value to this feast of sorts can still be exploited to its fullest monetary extent, it cannot take away the deeper appreciation that celebrates life and all that is true and beautiful.

So, in gratitude I would like to wish a
Happy Father's Day
to my dearest Dad and all true fathers!


Anonymous said...

"Happy Father,s Day" to you too Father Aloysius and "Happy Feast Day" that is coming up next weekend on the twentyfirst, St. Aloysius Gonzaga Sincerely,Bob

Catholic Writer said...

Happy Fathers' Day to you too!

Out of curiosity, does your own father address you as "Father"? And do you call him "son"?

Unknown said...

@catholic writer: he just calls me by the usual name he uses since I was a little rascal then... ;-)

Anonymous said...

Like, "Ah boy"? Or something as unimaginative as "baby"? X-D


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