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Saturday, June 14, 2008

Free Meal

As I write this it is already 5.42 pm, Rome time...

I am so, so relieved that I managed to clear the past week of exams without too much of a scratched, even though I was made to sweat buckets! That week was one of the toughest I had ever gone through. The oral exams dealt with topics that could really contrict and tie your intestines into knots and, to some extent, put your brain into pins and needles! Nonetheless, I survived!

I still have two more to go through before I finished and go off for my summer break. While these lot is much easier to handle, I am not taking them lightly either.

Meanwhile, my inbox over at Yahoo is still having strange mails telling me that I have inherited a fortune or won some lottery and requesting my personal particulars to be sent to them so that they can expedite the claim. Closely looking at the emails, almost - heck - all say that they are from some African country, even if one donor happened to have a 'Chinese' name. I still can't get over the fact that these nonsense still ply the virtual highway knowing that it may just snare one poor fool into it's game of trickery.

As always, with such emails, I promptly put them into the trash. But sometimes, my curiosity gets the better of me and I just read what they have to offer and I end up guffawing away at the story they have to present to get you to plunk down some down payment to initially start the ball rolling. Again, that some poor fool can actually believe such wild offers goes to show just how money can make the world go round. Just how many rounds this kind of emails have made over the Net enticing people to depart with their hard earned saving?....

Take it from me, there is no such thing as a free meal! I think Singaporeans know that very well! ;-)


Anonymous said...

Hi, Fr.-- Yes, I ditto this same sentiment and I too have had the same experience and from the same country, and the same "curiosity". my ,how we are all so very similar and they also know it too ,which makes them so dangerous too. ----Bob

Anonymous said...

Oh, I simply detest those spam mails that say they have this certain product that will help "enhance" certain "body parts" which I obviously do not have. If they want to spam, they should at least spam the right people, and not just anyone and everyone! Pathetic!


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