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Saturday, September 04, 2004


Went back to Seminary yesterday morning to retrieve the remaining parts of my life that were lying on the library floor, nicely snugged up in boxes. They were an incredible treasure trove of memories that were represented by books and knick-knacks of various shapes and sizes.

Among the items there, I managed to pull out the last copy of the Reuters' newsletter which I was the editor before I left the company for the seminary in 1995. There at the last page, I entitled my column (Last Word, well, what else?) article as the 'Calling of the Basin and the Towel'. In it I shared my feelings about my decision to join the priesthood and the life which will change from then on. Looking back at all this I can't help but feel some sense of accomplishment and a gratitude to God for a hand He has given me all these while.

But memories evoked by these items are a reminder for me that there are many other people to thank for in seeing me to this point in time at the Parish of the Holy Family. Many people, stretching over many years and from various walks of life. The fact that I shall be celebrating my third Mandarin Mass this evening at 8.00 p.m. is a great achievement and another milestone. One that I never forseen happening in my wildest dreams! Yet, here we are.

So, to all who have never given up on me, I say Thank You! Maybe, we could sit down over some Katong laksa and otah, and we'll discuss if you yourself may be called upon to do greater things in life!


Anonymous said...

*clap*clap* and *pat*pat* Master Fral, considering that Mandarin is not even your 3rd language.

)Young Padawan* * *

Get that Jedi an ER! ;)

Jude Gal said...

Mass zis evening Thks to the ONE who celebrated 6pm 2day. "Are u a DISCIPLE" & the word u picked up for me "Sacrifice". the word sacrifice needs "Discerning".
To the ONE who's doing morning mass, Pse REMEMBER ME IN YR PRAYERS. heehee..........mgt hopby FLOWERWALL 2mw evening a/f work.

Cheers to all those having "Allergies" be it ENT, Skin or watever outthere, U re not walking alone. i have oredi tried not to take the antihstmes but dun take leads to soundg nasal nevermnd tat but tosilitis or nose congested - eyes affected, i can't afford tat to happen esp in my line of job. Doc oso tried to cut dwn for me but couldn't. i have to "live with it".
it's like a sleeping pill coz it juz knocks me out. i and another gal in the clinic oni bth of us have zis "sideeffect". MY CROSS.

have an early evening. Sum1 seemed so surprise i went for 6pm mass. well, sumtmes if u need to be near God be it a 2nd round of mass, u will be there wan. oso dun noe how to explain to u but i noe i am the "little gal" in the glasspanel. u noe when u have sumthing to pray for then u start crawling back ............tat kind of thingy. if not crawl where?

anyway thks for the dner companionship, sumthing i seldm do on a sunday evening/nte kind of thingy. & oso at mass sum1 kept fanning - kind of made me feel better a.f mass and the suaning frm sum1 Thk U...........and the openg prayer of "gaining strength frm eucharist" kind of prayer.

Anonymous said...

Alamak! You conduct a mass in Mandarin? Your Mandarin was not heard of in my years spent together with you in Eusoff College and even after that. It must be a miracle from God. I must go down and see for myself! M.O.


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