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Friday, September 03, 2004

Where Did The Passion Go?

This little piece from the Streats paper caught my eye. If it wasn't for my enlightenment that Tuesday which followed after the weekend, this would have gone under the radar.

Chay Weng Yew (pictured) was a former Olympian who competed in the 1952 Helsinki Olympics as a weightlifter. He had to pay his own way to the Games and had no coach there to help him in his weightlifting bid. Yet he came in 6th overall out of 22 featherweight lifters in the competition! In contrast to those sportmen and women of the swim team who went there in the recent Athen Olympics just to 'gain experience' or to 'test the waters', Weng Yew went there with a sense of wanting to achieve something more astounding - he actually went for the gold!

That's what passion is all about. Something that was 'missing' in our recent crop of sportsmen and women from the swim team. Most of them ended below their best timings. But that's not to deride them. It is this passion that most of us fail to possess appropriately in life, unlike what Weng Yew did to actually make that difference! If we go to the Olympics only to gain experience that's what we will get - enough experience to realise that we need not be there in the first place.

On the other hand, that's not what Li Jiawei, Ronald Susilo and Zhang Xueling went there for. They may not have won medals, but their valiant performances is as passionate as Weng Yew's. Considering the trouble and limitations that Weng Yew had to endure then, this may be comparable to what our sportmen and women may experience amidst the stronger competitors and the high tech gadgets that nowadays seems to doing most of the work than the sportsmen/women themselves.

It was passion too that made him a caring person. Suffering from cancer and finally succumbing to it last Saturday at age 78, he could still made sure he was at his wife's birthday dinner 10 days before he passed on. That's really passionate! If only more of us can have a splinter of that passion like Weng Yew, we can transform the world!

Rest in peace, true Singapore Olympian!


Jude Gal said...

Sorrie ONI INTERESTED in SOCCER (RM,MU)........EPL. but a Certain Ms Li - dun mind her more than "a carrot" sumthing on her finger (heehee). typical Chinna - "Must be BIG", helo it was all splashed in NEWSPAPERS. Her hubby INDO CHNNA - "Rich" nevermind.

really starting to feel it at 10pm now. 2mw will be a SLEEPIN TME for me. dun noe maybe fr aloy my collegue dad's accdent shocked all of us...........sum were taken aback shocked on tuesday and forgot to do their paperwork & juz left ofce in a daze. wat did i do nothing much wat but dun noe y so tired. maybe fr aloy "accumulated" frm last wk - u noe wat i mean lah.

Jude Gal said...

Fr Aloy or any bloggers Z, zis wkend "Flower Wall" is up? i always remember in Oct but is it earlier zis yr? rather than NBV is havng feastday zis wkend.


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