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Friday, August 27, 2004

Mass In Another Language

Ni3 Men2 Hao3!

A few more minutes before I begin my Mandarin class. Running against time as I have to prepare all that is needed for next weekend's Mandarin Mass at 8.00 p.m. So far it has been manageable and the only drawback is that I may occasionally mangle a few words that could out rather embarassing. Still need to chug along see to the needs of the community...

Meanwhile, the day has progressed rather well. Enough of time to catch one's breath and also enough of work to keep you busy for awhile. The preparation for the coming Parish Assembly is getting more intense and all concerned are at their tetherhooks as to their respective roles and duties to do. Quaffing down a bottle of Erdinger recently (*wink*) did do some good to calm my nerves as I face the amount of paper and administrative work that goes along with this parish project towards the PA.

Have a Kit Kat?...


Jude Gal said...

"Bu Hao".

Jude Gal said...

Change yr "SUMTHING 1ST" lah, u have to admit AGE IS COMING UP. hahaha !!! Midlife Crisis oso?

Jude Gal said...

i saw "Yr Fren" preaching homily - sort of PEEP IN, went to BKSHOP, wanted get sumthing, dun noe y yestday never thought of getting frm KCBC. wearing SLIPPERS TO CHURCH...........heehee........a bit stoned. didn't see yr "Twin Bro" though.

*s*haron said...

Methinks Stella will be a great help. I have great confidence in my Belgian friend. ;)

Jude Gal said...

Happy 15th Day - All Souls (CHNESE)...........2day very tiring, going oink2 SOON. 2day Clients all say BUZY - all supertitous, muz be buzy burning HELL PAPER, jossticks 4 the faithful departed. heard tat cantonese prayed last nte & teochew, hokkein 2day. i ve closed all my windows - sensitive to the ASHES, nose keep running...........the smell. was wondering wat's the big occasion Y clients - esp CHNESE SO SUPERTITOUS 2day?

mummie told me juz now u dun walk hme frm interchange. i wanted to giggle..........she said "Ghosts be roaming" i wanted to ask her "Floating around u mean?" Well, Fr Aloy Wat u TINK? Who be the BIGGEST GHOST? Heehee.........she say 2day it's like their CHNESE NEW YR, they re roaming around. 2nte dun go out late into nte, i want to OINK2.............Helo???

Fr Aloy i suppse it's the "MODERN" thingy, tat's y had to ask mummie.............i was wondering wat my clients up to 2day. To me juz respect those who re burning josssticks/papers for their departed loved ones,it's juz RITES, i believe like i was sharing with sum frens 2 wks ago tat sumtmes u mgt be in RCIA class as a cathcumen & yr family mgt not be catholics, u mgt ve to still "go thrg the rites". to me i will AVOID AS MANY RITES AS POSSIBLE - a certain fr taught me wan. but to tell u the truth i oso dun noe wat the rites signfy. maybe like our ALL SOULS DAY. May the FAITHFUL DEPARTED RIP.

Hope tat every1 is not having MONDAY BLUES, i want to go off frm here liao, MY NOSE RUNNING - ASHES AND THE SMELL ARE COMING UP TO THE 9TH FLOOR EVEN, i suppse it's the wind direction.


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