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Monday, December 17, 2012

O Wisdom!

O Sapientia
O Sapientia (Photo credit: Lawrence OP)
What is wisdom, really, to you?

What comes to mind when one mentions the word 'wisdom'? Is it all about human wisdom, cleverness, being street-smart and all knowing kind of attitude?
Today, in the final weeks towards Christmas, we begin the O Antiphon sequences that highlight the special place and quality of the coming Saviour, Jesus Christ. It begins today, this 17th December with the quality of wisdom. Undoubtedly, this refers to the grace and attitude that is God-given and wisdom is one quality which we sorely need today.

It is also to place within our Christmas preparation the real reason for the season. Not shopping, toys, colored candies and silver bells. With Wisdom, we can appropriate better what the 3rd Sunday of Advent had called us into: Joy (or gaudete)! It is the wisdom to live within the blessedness of God even in the midst of trials and extreme tragedy. It is the wisdom that sustains our existence even when all things around us seem to be falling apart at the seams.

The world's wisdom is full of contradictions and takes itself too seriously. The wisdom that God gives is light-hearted and easy to bear and comes with a sensibility that is truthful, life giving and eternal. Which do you prefer?....

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