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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

O Lord and Ruler!

English: Icon of Jesus Christ
English: Icon of Jesus Christ (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
The Latin rendition of this day's antiphon is O Adonai. It is about the Lordship of Christ whom all knee shall bow and tongue confess.

On our day of Baptism and once again strengthened at our Confirmation, we have been bestowed the spiritual titles of priest, prophet and king, the same titles alloted to Christ, because we being his disciples, follow in his footsteps. This means we, the baptised are all potential leaders in our own spiritual capacity to make a difference in the world today in bringing other people into the kingdom of God - His kingdom of love and light.

Do we take our spiritual roles seriously enough to see within ourselves this great opportunity to participate in this Lordship of Christ?
Sadly, it has become quite a common sight to see how quick most have become quick enough to shirk this role once the Sacrament of Confirmation has been conferred.

We have become a generation of superficiality and convenience, seeking only comfort and ways to make it in the world of status and wealth. We no longer have this desire or priority to deepen our relationship with the true Lord of our lives and instead depend on our own strength, with this false and misconstrued perception that this is all that is needed.

The Lordship of Christ compels us to see beyond our limited selves and to realise that we are made for heaven and eternity. This means that nothing in this world of ours can ever satisfy us - nothing! But we foolishly do our utmost to fill our desires with all kinds of objects that we think can soothe our restlessness and be a balm to our insatiable wants and demands.

When we submit to the only person who can fill our deepest desires, can we truly be satisfied and be at peace. It is the Lord himself who will fully satisfy us in all our beings. He, indeed, will redeem us from all our inadequacies. Do we believe this?....

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