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Monday, November 12, 2012

Am Officially 48!

Catholicism at high altitude
Catholicism at high altitude (Photo credit: blackenedsky)
I have just finished forty eight years of existence and now onto the forty ninth with no idea as to what the future may hold, except with some educated guesses and inferences from what goes on in the general public, the media, the life of the Church within the local archdiocese and in the world. On that, the future is challenging from all sides and certainly demands the life of a priest that goes beyond his usual comforts that he usually engages in. This is because we are heading into a culture that is deeply shaped by rejection of the Good News and by a sustained effort to live life on explicitly non- or even anti-Christian grounds.
With that in mind, the word here is New Evangelisation and a renewal of our faith, or better yet, a deepening of the faith we profess.

For a priest, any Roman Catholic priest, it is a call to rethink what he have been doing all this while and to furnish himself well and adequately for all the changes seen in the sign of the times and what that has been discussed and formalised at the recent Synod of Bishops at the Vatican. It is engaging in all elements of making our Catholic faith today meaningful, coherent, reasonable and impactful enough to get a person to change his life to live in the love and light of God. This is therefore the challenge I face as I look forward into what will unfold before me over the years ahead.

I thank all my well wishers, friends, parishioners, my confreres and all who have been supporting me with prayers and kindness for my journey of life as a priest. Let's take this one year at a time and may we all steadily come to that knowledge and love in Jesus Christ, our Lord, God and Saviour!

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Anonymous said...

me 2!! Padre Aloy!!

Im also 48 tis yr.. dunno wat the future holds.. i guess that i hv to leave it to God..

my was a few days bk.. ..

cheers! we both 48n tis yr.. haha

IHM parishioner!!

Young Minstrel said...

a late present for your 48 years..THE HOBBIT!!!
but..WHY NO LEGOLAS!!!! *WAAAIL* okok i KNOW qwhy least the dwarves look handsome - lor (self-consolation). HOBBITON, WE'RE COMING!!!

Young Minstrel said...

"The Hobbit: The Unexpected Journey" review please!!! X3


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