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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

O Flower of Jesse's Stem!

Cathedral St. Peter (Dom St. Peter), Worms, Ge...
Cathedral St. Peter (Dom St. Peter), Worms, Germany - Tympanum - Tree of Jesse (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
We come to the third element of the O Antiphons, which speaks to us of our spiritual roots: radix, in Latin.

One of the decors that children would be making during this period of Advent is the Jesse Tree. This is in relation to the genealogy of Jesus where is he to come from the House of David. David, or more precisely, King David, is the son of Jesse. When you come across the genealogies of Jesus Christ especially during the readings for Christmas, you will see the names of Jesse and David among the family line.
Both the ancestries of Jesus found in the writings of Matthew and Luke were clear enough that they find their beginings with God Almighty. I mentioned of baptism being a sacrament that makes us priests, prophets and kings. Well, this also offers us this unique invitation to see how we have been made into children of God. Thus, spiritually, we have our roots that lead us back to God, the creator of us all.

How have we been living out our role and calling as children of God that we are?...

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