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Monday, July 04, 2011

Which Is the Real Way?

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That's blogging since June 27th 2001! It has been just a over 10 years of engaging in this type social media that has since taken over the world in so many ways that now it has already become one of the many 'norms' of communicating on the Web. It is also a way where one opens up a little of one's life to the world which is constantly monitoring for any news bite that it wants to highlight.

Recently, there were some discussion brought up by a friend who pointed to the dubious value of things related to New Age and their ilks. These may include yoga, chi gong, Harry Potter stuff, etc. I am sure there are some of us out there who may already been involved in some small way towards some usage of practice of these elements. Fr William Goh over at the Catholic Spirituality Centre has spoken with some greater detail on this matter under the topic of New Age Spirituality: The Dangers of Syncretism and Illegitimate Assimilation of New Age Beliefs into the Christian Faith.

I, myself, hardly bothered with such New Age stuff - whether one calls yoga or chi gong as such - and my attention to the Harry Potter (and the Twilight series) products are just entertainment curiosities akin to watching The Green Lantern, The Green Hornet, The Green Mile, and so on.

But for the younger generation of this era, these elements are highly influential to them and do form some sort of a construct of how they see the world, act as humans/adults, all of which will then inform - rightly or wrongly - their thinking on matters of right and wrong, fantasy and reality, natural and supernatural. It becomes seriously damaging when all of these coaleasce into one fuzzy mixture where proper distinctions cannot be made or are not being made between each one.

We find ourselves, especially today, in an era where information, and there is an explosion of them, are taken easily for granted and there is a general lack of discerning them carefully whether they are suitable for consumption and how to deal with them appropriately. Mostly, we may be also totally clueless of the implications of the information we are staring at. In all this, all persons are, in one way or another, doing one's best as one can, to perceive or believe and to achieve towards the truth of things in life.

However, as Catholics and disciples of Christ, I believe that all of us must do our own upmost and with great gumption, sincerity and honesty own up and reclaim our truth in Jesus Christ, "... the real way to happiness, the truth about God and the fullness of life for every man and woman who is prepared to respond to His love".

Any other way would leave us totally disoriented, confuse and, ultimately, lost.
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