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Friday, July 08, 2011


limitsImage by Ferran. via FlickrAnother week ends and as one more week goes by, I get closer to another week that would eventually end the semester break (2 months) and herald in the final semester before we end the academic year for 2011.

Throughout the break thus far, much matters concerning the human person, one's frailties, potential and dignity were never far from my consideration and, to put it honestly, is a real messy affair because we are all complex and complicated creatures.

When dealing with people, whether in spiritual direction or researching on priests' resources for the diocese, the one common factor that crops up is the willingness or unwillingness of the person or priests to concretely have a bold faith that doesn't place limits upon God in one's life. All that has transpired thus far in our own lives may come down to answering the following: Do we have a living relationship with God, or are we just practicing religion?...

I believe that much of our problems in the parishes and the archdiocese can be resolved if we answer that question brutally and honestly. There is a great need to undo all limits that we may have thrust upon God and allow ourselves to be invited to believe that God is bigger, much bigger than we can imagine and whose love truly knows no bounds. Much of how we go through life now as Christians can be liken to an experience of the divine which is static and predictable, bringing about a relationship with God that is small and confined. That is if we still have a religion that we say we go to!

The true purpose of religion, the one which we follow through, is one that must open our hearts and minds in a manner we can personally experience the infinite breadth of God, an experience that will really cry out, "Abba!", Father!
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Jigsawsg said...

Hi Fr Along, belated wishes on yr ordination anniversary. Hope u well. Get in touch k!

God's blessings!



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