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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Into the 8th...

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Well, what do you know: I have the same ordination date similar to that of our Holy Father, Pope Benedict XVI! Only he has been at this ministry for the past 60 years, while myself only a mere 8 years.

At the rate the word is going, I don't know if I can see into another 8 years...

Meantime, it has been quite an insightful 8 years in this ministry and all of them not without their challenges and surprises. With 8 years to show for, I am still a novice in this and still have much to learn. Even so, with the added year every time we reach that ordination anniversary date, it seems my plate gets more full with responsibilites that I don't necessarily subscribed to but, in priestly service, carry that cross.

Someone requested a biodata from me recently. So, perhaps you can make up your mind as to how I have done for myself thus far:

Name: Aloysius Ong (Fr)
Order: Diocesan
Diocese: Archdiocese of Singapore
DOB: 6 Nov 1964 (M'sia)
Ordained: 29 June 2003 (Solemnity of Ss Peter and Paul)
In Ministry/Studies: Holy Family (2003 - 2007), Rome (studies, 2007 - 2009), IHM (temporary attachment, 2009 - 2010), SFX Major Seminary (2010 - )
Seminary: Lecturer - Spirituality courses, Formator - Spiritual Director of the House, 1st Yr Initiation Director
Archdiocese: Chairman - Priestly Life Commission, Priest-presenter - Engage Encounter, SPI - course lecturer for Salvation History

Oh yes, the Holy Father has made his first tweet online and made the world sit up and paid attention, even if for a little while. I am still ambivalent and non-partial to Facebook and Twitter as I do find them a waste of time, for me personally. However, I don't see anything wrong if the Church could use them as a voice to evangelise into the world who we are and what we do in a coherent and rational way - especially to counter the biases, prejudices and misinformation that is in the wild out there.

Meantime, I prefer my next 8 years to be nondescript and far from the maddening crowd that the social media has, with their trending and sometimes inane messages.

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Anonymous said...

buenos nochez padre Ong,

so tell me.. will you be the next pope??
well maybe.. if God willing..
and if you are.. will you call yrself .. "pope benedict 17Th??"

God Bless


Playful Elena said...

Hello my Dear Fr,

Long time no see. Happy Anniversary! Well, not sure when it is exactly. Anyway, may you continue to be soaked in the mystery of Love in your priesthood. Whahaha...Can imagine you shaking your legs with the red branded shoes...

With Love,

Anonymous said...

Dear Fr !

A very blessed Anniversary to you! It was really nice to see you a couple of months back at Holy fam. You are definitely a gem to our Holy Catholic Church! May our good Lord continue to guide and protect you always !

God bless,
Dominic Yeo

Unknown said...

Thank you every one for your kind greetings and wishes. As for the thing about Pope and all, er, that's not going to happen - ever! :-D

Anonymous said...

Buenos nochez padre ong,

well.. for the popey thing.. "u never know" only God Knows..



Young Minstrel said...



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