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Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Half Way There!

Lent Logo 2008Image by jezobeljones via FlickrWe just went past Laetare Sunday (or Rose Sunday) and the Lenten journey is effectively half completed!

A few more weeks and we will have that grand celebration of Easter and the use of the Alleluia again after 40 days being in confinement. In fact, with the Easter season the Alleluia would be use with such frequency and gusto that after it is back to normal or Ordinary Times, you'd want to stay away from it again!

This Lent and the Holy Week celebrations, moving into Easter, I shall find myself out of a parish and would have to figure out where and which parish to place myself to join in those main masses and services accordingly. It would be interesting from this point of view as an 'outsider' to participate as a concelebrant. I don't have to worry myself unnecessarily with the preparations and the responsibilities in seeing to the proper and orderly unfolding of the event in the church premises.

Nonetheless, for what I am 'missing' in the parish environment, the seminary is more than capable to make up for the workload that I have to undertake since my posting here about 6 months ago. It is not that I have 'nothing' to do here. The environment here is different and the priorities are of another nature. So far, I am not complaining as most of what is needed to live and work and to fulfil my responsibilities here are available and functioning.

What is most interesting about this part of the world is that I get to see for myself the changing landscape of the area where I am staying (Punggol) every time I make trip out from here. There is the ongoing works being done at Punggol End where a new waterfront park and pavilion will be situated. I have already been to the newly opened Punggol Promenade a few times and taken a few shots of the scenery by the Sengkang River.

It has been a quiet and peaceful Lent thus far, away from the crowd and the bustle that is of the parish. Mother Nature has been around more often as my neighbour with the other denizens of the forest nearby, which, by the way, is slowly dwindling away.

How is your Lent thus far?

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Anonymous said...

Padre Dear,

Father Jeannequin and you look good celebrating Mass on Laetare Sunday in IHM.

The rose hue chausable and stole are most becoming. Charming.

I have always remembered you saying that a host of angels celebrates Mass with us and God.

On Laetare Sunday, I can almost conjure up the image of the heavenly bodies all over the church hall.


Unknown said...

Amen! to that :-)

ivy said...

you know, no matter how many times people tell us its rose..

its still pink. :)

but a nice kind of pink.


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