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Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Double Confirm??...

I just arrived after finished watching the inaugural new local gameshow 'We Are Singaporeans' and got to see how an NTU undergrad became the first Singaporean to win the jackpot of S$10,000 after answering correctly all the questions in the final round (actually there were only two rounds - qualifying and final).

The show format is like Hollywood Squares where the celebrities are housed in big square boxes asking questions at the contestants, only for this show the squares were decorated and constructed with known Singapore icons. Hossan Leong is the MC of the show and for its starting episode, it went of quite well.

The real reason why I am writing about it, is this: I wonder how it would be like if we have an equivalent for our Catholics?.... It could come with a snazzy title like, 'We Are Catholic Singaporeans'! Like it?

The questions may be the following:

a. If Catholics are in the cinema and are moving to take their seats in the row, this is one thing they shouldn't do. What is it? (careful, this is tricky!)

b. Most of the Catholic churches have their regular copies of the hymn book which may differ from parish to parish. There is one older hymn book which was common use till the late 80s. What is the name of this hymn book? (definitely not Count On Me Singapore!)

c. During Mass, what do you call Catholics who are not found present in the church till after the homily or sermon is over (and that they have NO reason for NOT being in church during this time)?

d. What do you call the vessel that carries the Blessed Sacrament during the exposition at Holy Hour? (hint: it is not monster)

e. Who is the Trinity? (hint: it is NOT MM Lee, PM Lee and SM Goh!)

f. Who are priests of your parish and can you name them? (shame on you if you don't know this!)

I am sure you can think up of more. But those above will suffice for now. You think you know the answers? Go ahead and give them in the comments. I promise I won't laugh if you get them wrong....

Confirm? Double confirm??

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Unknown said...

seriously i DO think the holy trinity is the father, son and the holy Goh.

Andre said...

Fr are you referring to the blue or red 'Sing your praise to God' hymn books?

KareN said...

hmmm... is the answer to the 1st question - genuflect? ;p

ivy said...

first one super paiseh can't even begin to think of an answer!

Young Minstrel said...

i can only answer questions e and f but for a i think the others have scored - u sure it's tricky meh?!!! super obvious ba!!! ;p

it's not called monster?!!! i can't even spell it correctly!!

give answers leh!!!!!


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