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Monday, March 14, 2011

Lent Again!

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We are now into the season of Lent and it has been quite a journey so far, because I suddenly realised that most of my workflow and items that continuously would fight for my attention would come from three major composition of people: couples preparing for marriage, seminarians and the clergy.

I just finished one Engaged Encounter (EE) weekend (last weekend) and I was the presenting priest with two other presenting couples that oversaw to the presenting of topics concerning marriage and the married life in the Catholic perspective. There were 31 couples and we had them run through their paces on issues like communication, mutual responsibility, family life matters, marriage and all other related items that promote the married life within the embrace of God's life and love.

I am also made aware that I am, as the Spiritual Director of the House for the Seminary, all the spiritual needs and activities of the seminarians are under my care and nurturing. These will include retreats, recollections, spiritual direction which are spead out over the months of the year, where I am to have a reasonable take and insight to the pulse and rhythm of life of the seminarians under our care.

Then there is the Priestly Life Commission, which I am the current chairman. This means together with 9 other members, we look after the welfare and spiritual needs of the clergy of the Archdiocese of Singapore. This is no small task nor simple because of the many sensitivities and complicated issues that abound in relationship between priests and the laity, priests and priests and priests with the Bishop.

For all three, I am playing a role that is to encourage, nurture and enlightened, besides supporting and looking out for the general well-being of the persons. Heavy responsibilities, indeed. It is an interesting movement into Lent this year...

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