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Monday, October 04, 2010

Walking with Seminarians....

Sem iNsights 1Image by Annoysius via Flickr
It has been three days since I stepped in here at the Seminary to begin my new posting. It was a little over seven years ago when I first left this place after finishing my formation and studies here as I head of to my first parish then, Holy Family.

Now that I am back here in this hallowed place it is like coming full circle to what my ministry had entailed. Never did I thought, after stepping out of the Seminary, that I would one day return and to be a part of the formators team. Now that I am part of this landscape in Punggol it became apparent that I would have a great and heavy responsibility ahead in contributing to the growth and formation of  discerning young men towards the call of the priesthood.

There has been some amount of adjustment I had to make and the main one was getting used to a much lesser amount of people and the lesser attention given to me compared to back when I was in a parish. Here, I can't help but feel like one of the seminarians, and that is rather schizophrenic!

Whatever it is about living here, I am accepting my placing here as one for the long haul and a life that will see how to raise men into the priesthood that is after the heart of Christ.
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Unknown said...

Good luck Fr. God always be with you..

Anonymous said...

gd morning professori padre ong

hope you have adjusted well in the seminary

deus tecum

ylo said...

Congrats! You're finally OUT! God is so GOOD! Hope to read happier and saner postings in your blog from now on. :D

Unknown said...

thank you all for your best wishes! :-) I hope to be more saner and happier, yes... :-D


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