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Friday, October 01, 2010

I Take My Leave....

It is the last night I am spending in IHM parish and tomorrow, after the morning mass, I shall take my leave and move on to my new posting at the Seminary. It has been a colorful and quite an eventful year and 3 months in this parish and though the shortest stint in my life as a priest, it is one that will capture my attention and memory for the longest.

I have no expectations of what will be next in my life as formator and teacher in the seminary and I am open to any event that life can offer there. For now, all I can say is that for all that I have been through, thank you and for all that is to come, amen.


Young Minstrel said...

have fun there X3 looking forward to the next entry!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi professori aloy or fr aloy..

all the best in yr post..

God Bless!

Tessa said...

For now, all I can say is that for all that you have helped us through, thank you - and for all that is to come, your prayers and God's grace (hopefully) may be sufficient to pull us through!

Came across this today, seems so apt for you - "He brought me out into a broad place; he delivered me, because he delighted in me."
- (Psm 18:19)

God's peace be with you always, Fr Aloysius. tessa

Laurieee said...

Hey Fr Aloy,
hope u did sleep well the last night at IMH...oops.. Haha. ;p Anyways, catch back on ur sleep. Lack of sleep cause heatiness, causing cough. Dun turn recluse in the seminary ok... Haha..Will pop by visit u soon, will be attending retreat there next weekend.(9/10 oct) Till then take care and I'll see u at SPI. God be with u always!

Playful Elena said...

Hello My Dear Fr Aloy,

Woo hoo...I think you enjoyed your adventure ride here with us at IHM, right? (Luckily, your strong heart did not leave you ending up at IMH instead.) will never forget us then. It's abit weird that you are not with us during the Sunday mass for the first time yesterday. Maybe, not get used to your absence.Nevertheless, when I am free, will gather a few of us and have bowling sessions and meals with you again. Though you are no longer with us, you are still part of us no matter what. Visit us when you are free lah. You are always welcome.

Enjoy your leave and your new stage of life.I believe you know how to appreciate every small little thing or person in your life. You are one of the rare characters which I admire for your calm demeanor despite all the storms around you. I really wonder why I have never heard you raising your voice before. This is something which I have to learn from you. By the way, some people have shared with me you are like a saint to them. Haha...Choy! You are still alive as our Fr. Ok, enough of me 'kah jiaoing' you. Will always keep you in my prayers. You are never forgotten and I really respect you as our Fr. Salute!!

With Love,


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