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Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Adjusting With Side Effects

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One of the side effects of getting back into seminary life is the prayer time. Except for the Mondays and weekends and other special feast days, we have our morning prayers at 6.00 a.m. in the morning!

Some nights ago, I had to take my cought mixture, which was a strong concoction, and found out to my little dismay, that I really had to struggle to get up and stay awake for the rest of the morning. It was a real feat in trying to keep on my feet without looking as if I was someone just out of a bar after the wee hours of the morning....

What was interesting about the prayers (morning and evening, a.k.a, lauds and vespers) this time round, was that the seminarian in charge of that occasion would introduce a short sharing based on the psalms to be used for prayer. It was like a mini sermon. I thought this was a pleasant, simple and nice way to get the seminarians to practice in a small way their homily making.

Speaking of homilies, I have to make another adjustment again to how I address my current congregation who are now seminarians as compared to lay people. The thinking changes and the recipients are a little more on the theological dimension with different degrees of understanding and knowledge. Whatever it may be, I still have to make it as insightful and digestible as possible for them to grasp the message put across.
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ivy said...

hahaha knockout medicine! are you still on it?

Unknown said...

@ivy: as long as the cough is still there. but it is getting lesser now... thankfully!

Unknown said...

so the bigger side effect is joining the hands in the morning and evening.

ivy said...

i'm coughless already! (i think)

i think you should rest more! like sleep earlier! it will definitely help!

Young Minstrel said...

praying for u P!!!!

Playful Elena said...

Hello Fr Aloy,

Take care lah. Hope that you continue to enjoy this new stage of your life journey. Will keep you in prayers.

With Love,


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