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Monday, August 23, 2010

Gem Along the Stony Ground

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It is difficult to put something down here these days, as I find myself loss for words and facing a lack of inspiration of any sorts. This is mostly due to the working condition and the zoo-like situation that continues to plague this parish. It is not that all the people here are not acting like mature humans or adults. It is only a few. But it just take these few to 'reap a hurricane' that brings no one any good. Everything now becomes 'personal'. There is nothing objective about whatever gripes that has came out of this parish anymore. It has also come to a point that I myself have gotten somewhat personal in firefighting all this - that's how bad all this has boil down too. But I have still managed to stay a good part away from the fray and keeping as mature and objective as possible, though the difficulty remains. I know so because I did step on some people's toes...

But this posting isn't going to be all morose and sombre all the way. I don't want to waste any more words with the ministry in my parish. There are and continue to be uplifting elements in life that brightens up the day and point to the silver lining under the clouds where the mischievious traces of God's smile lie awaiting for anyone who can look beyond their daily troubles, foibles and toil.

One gem that I encountered had inevitably to do with my iPad. It is an ebook of sorts with a slight twist offered from Moving Tales. Their first offering is a tale, "The Pedlar Lady of Gushing Cross", describing "... the journey of a poor pedlar woman who, guided by the shifting line between the real and the unreal, discovers a surprising and wonderful treasure." Reading that ebook form of story which came up in sophisticated 3D animation with voiceover effect, can bring back the joy of story telling and reading for anyone. It is one of the outstanding iPad apps currently worth getting at US$4.99.

Its moral of the story is that you don't need to go very far to find your treasure. It can very well be in your own backyard. This Pedlar story also reminds me of another longer story of P Coelho, The Alchemist, which tells of a shepherd boy searching for a treasure (meaning of life) and subsequently finds the answer he was looking for back at his home, after travelling all over the lands in search for it.
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Anonymous said...

Hello Fr Aloy,

Glad to know that you do find some joy from somewhere outside the zoo. Sometimes, it is good to break away from the situation to breathe. Just leave the animals to other pet trainers as long as you have done your best. One comforting thing is things are changing which means that bad things never last. God knows how much you can take it. He will know when to get you out of it or change certain situations.

Wow, did Apple pay you for any commission for advertising iPad for them? Hey, I did go to the Apple store and play with it. Surprisingly, it is not as expensive as I think. Have the temptation to get one...Oops, temptation. Need to exercise self control over my spending for something else. If i can't exercise self control,I will go to you for confession (joking).

I am still eyeing on getting a Mac book. Have been in my mind for one year. See how it goes before I decide to buy one. iPhone also seems to be attractive. My friends have been psycho-ing me to get one. Expensive leh...I can only afford to eat apple but can't afford to use Apple. Ok, I will just continue eating apple until I can afford Apple. Maybe, I should start surving on apple daily to save up to buy Apple. LOL...

Ok, enough of my nonsense. See you around in church. Will find time to 'kah jiao' you when I am free...Cheer up, man! If you can't communicate with animals, communicate with those few people who can understand and speak human language. No point brooding over things or people who simply don't want to change or can't see the need for change for the time being. I believe God will intervene. Just continue to pray lo...I believe prayer will work...

With Love,

Joanne W said...

I love the alchemist too! :p


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