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Thursday, July 29, 2010

New, Sort Of...

How Apple should display iPhone apps on iPadImage by mjdave via Flickr
New look, new feel...

The weeks past has been very taxing with many other work and responsibilities that cropped up which occupied my time and attention, making blogging rather difficult to attend to. There was the annual priests' retreat, of which I was in the committee that was organising it. Then came several visitors from Rome who needed my attention again as I played tour guide for them. They were the rector and spiritual director of the Collegio where I stayed during my studies in the Eternal(ly Crazy) City.

It is only today that I could do something viable for this 9 year old blog which had been with me through thick and thin, with some wear and tear here and there. It is appropriate today for a little 'facelift' and since Blogger had a new inbuilt template designer, it was a good day for a 'renewal'.

Meantime, I finally took the plunge and got myself an iPad and it was an investment well spent! I have been using it for the past week already and it is 'magical' as Apple claimed it. I know it is really a bigger version of the iPhone with its OS that uses apps and all, but I am not complaining. I have already used it for teaching in my classes, both in the Seminary and over at SPI, and it is really a good and useful help! I used it in these classes for notes referral during my lecturing.

This has been a little sliver of light in the midst of the dark throes of problems that continue to hover over this parish, as the struggle to stay sane and above waters become a usual staple of activities here...
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Young Minstrel said...

I'M THE FIRST TO COMMENT ON UR NEW BLOG (was wondering where's it)!!! WOOHOO!!! thankuthanku XD!!! neater blog X3

If i just look in the middle reading ur blog posts n dun look closely at the sides i though the blog is based on map of the world - blue mah the lines all stick out here n there like earth-plate lines

i've yet to touch the iPad that my friend asked me to queue n buy for him. May i meet u one day n play with it?!! (was thinking of "touch"' instead of "play" but obviously i will end up "play"ing it - honestly XD) i want to hear ur Mac adventrues X3

it seems like i may be away from this platform for a long time due to practical reasons. One day i do wish to 'dock' XD myself into this stable, reputatable, interactive, innovative, proprietory yet flexible and fun platform for a longlong time X3

trudge on! X3

Unknown said...

I knew you will go for it. It was only a matter of time. I am still waiting. All the best.
And I am happy that you were hosting some Romans. I guess who they were..

Natasha Yong said...

Neat template design and I see a TweetDeck icon on your iPad. You tweeting yet?

Anonymous said...

Hi there Father Aloysius,

You looked all smiles after the Annual Priests' Retreat, so remember to smile more often despite the 'dark throes of problems that continue to hover over' IHM.

Here's something for you to smile about.

The thoughtful and thought-provoking homily you gave on Saturday 31 July was pretty cool.

I gather (correct me if I am wrong)the most pertinent point you have been trying to bring across is how receiving the Eucharist has changed our lifestyles, in stark comparison to how receiving a windfall would change our lifestyles.

Much appreciate your heart-felt reminders for all present to change for the better in words and deeds after having received the Eucharist, a divine gift which I have taken for granted. Don't we all need constant reminders, nagging even?!

I was thinking it would be triple whammy if God were to say the following to me, "Fool. It was written (in the bible) but you chose not to see. It was preached but you chose not to listen." !

The consolation came in the form of Eucharistic Prayer IV which you read out to remind us of God's infinite mercy and covenantal love through the ages. Pretty neat follow-up to a somber and sobering gospel reading.

So here's praying that all present would have listened attentively to what God has wanted us to listen and act upon. Afterall, the church is only as good and holy as we are
(another scary thought).

May a time come when a silver lining would replace the 'dark throes'.

Grateful IHM Parishioner

Anonymous said...

Nice pad, padre! :o) If it starts becoming a white elephant, you know where I am... :p

Anonymous said...

Hello Fr Aloy,

Somehow, to me, it sounds abit wrong about iPad. It sounds like 'I am a Pad'. It is as slim as something else in my mind. Ok, never mind. That is just my 'creative' thought. Happy to see you last evening. Though I may not see you often in church, I tend to check your blog out other than a blog by another brother in seminary.

Finally, particpated your mass last evening after donkey months. You really sound very gentle whenever you sing. It reminds me the gentle trait of Jesus. Somehow, I don't know why you seem to be cool and calm despite the 'the struggle to stay sane and above waters become a usual staple of activities here...'. This is something which I admire about you. Perhaps, this is one face of Christ I see in you. I really need to learn it from you. I really appreciate you at IHM. Somehow, you are one of the very few priests whom I feel free to have fun with and yet with respect.

Aiya, I have no worries about you surviving in the parish lah. You can make it lo..Anyway, I believe you have some people who walk with you. Such 'dark throes of problems ' exist wherever there are people who disagree. Take it easy, man!! At least, you have God in you and some people who walk with you too. Will keep you in my prayers too. I also do get very tired of all these things and don't understand what there is to fight over as life is too short for that. Nevertheless, these things can't change overnight. I always believe that if something doesn't kill me, it will help me to grow. I will do my best with things I can control and lift the things which are beyond my control to God. I guess that is when faith comes in to trust that God will take care of things. For the time being, enjoy your new toy (iPad)..Haha..

With Love,

fairy-monster said...

'the struggle to stay sane and above waters become a usual staple of activities here'

hahahaha are we that insane to interact with. D:

oh and the struggle to keep your ipad free of fingerprints and weird smudge marks!

why do you call it the eternally crazy city?



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