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Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Not My Call....

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Sometimes, there will be moments where certain phrase(s) can pop out of nowhere and summarises an event that had taken place and offers an opening  to what can be done to address the circumstance. One such phrase that came to me, after a trying moment at a meeting this evening, was - keep to the sidelines and don't wade into the deep-end of the pool. It's not your call.

The only appropriate rejoinder I can place to that would be "I retract all that I have said... in dust and ashes I repent..."
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Anonymous said...

Hi Father Aloysius,

You have returned to IHM with a glow immediately after your home-leave.
May you retain that glow.
And may we all talk less than we know, just like you.
God bless.

IHM parishioner

Anonymous said...

Dear Fr Aloy,

Nobody said it was going to be easy. You did good & we are proud of you always!

Uncle M

Anonymous said...

Hello Fr Aloy,

Well said. I agree with you. Other than that, I think we may need to learn to listen more and talk less as our ears are placed above our mouths and God has emphasized on this by giving us two ears but only one mouth.

Empty vessels make the most noise. What comes out of the mouth reflects what is inside our hearts. Only by repenting deep within will words of Love comes out right for every circumstance. One thing I like about you as our father is you are a man with few words but those few words often come with depth. Thank you for serving at IHM.

With Love,

Unknown said...

God bless you Fr. He always and always be with you..


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