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Monday, April 05, 2010

Our Song

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Alleluia! Christ is risen! We have engaged ourselves through the Easter triduum and now basking in the glow, mystery and glory of the resurrection.

So, how has Easter been for you thus far?

We are now in the Easter Octave celebrations, where Easter Sunday is stretched out over eight days of continued celebrations on the signs, symbols and gospel stories of the resurrection and Jesus' appearances to his followers. The Alleluia is used prominently and the Gloria is sung during this Octave at the weekday Masses. At the Easter Vigil on Saturday, we saw 37 adults who were baptised and confirmed in the Parish of the Immaculate Heart of Mary. For them it was a great moment of their lives where they literally felt a transformation that changed their perspective on life, relationships and God.

What about us who are already baptised and for many years too? Have we ever felt that transformative element or dimension which tells us that we are truly children of God? The sins and sufferings of the world and those that affect us notwithstanding, we are still being loved and sustained by our Maker, the God whom Jesus has revealed to us as Father (Abba). St Augustine mentioned this in another way, which to me is much more profound and beautiful: "We are an Easter people and Alleluia is our song!"

What is your song during these days of the Easter season?...
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The Anti-Modernist said...

I like St. Augustine live state of exclaiming perpetual Alleluias. It is on my lips when I awake, as I gain another day to work out my salvation. It echoes in my heart in all that I do and it continues with every blessing and everything given and taken away from me. Finally, the sweet praises slip from my lips as I come to the close of the day.

If I had to pick a song to be my song, it would be what I say during Easter and in fact all the time, which is: "Thank be to the Divine Heart that wrought our salvation, to It be glory and honor for ever and ever. Amen."

Anonymous said...

happy easter fr aloy


Anonymous said...

My song is 'Draw me closer'.Sounds easy but I find it hard. This is due to the fact that I sin from time to time which drift me further away from God and the community. I realize that the more I want to get closer to God, my awareness of sins becomes sharper and more trials wil come into my life. Even if I try to deny them, when I am alone dark in the night, I know I can never deceive myself, not to mention deceiving God. In fact, by denying, I am more fearful of death surrounded by the darkness as I am not ready to face the Lord and my die with regrets.

Conscious efforts must be made on my part to improve my relationships with God and the others. It's just like courtship. If either one party refuses to spend time togther and communicate, the relatiosnhip will collapse. In my case, God is always there for me. I have to work harder to spend some quiet time with Him through masses and sacraments, meditation on His Word, adoration, etc. I think all relationships, no matter how great or romantic they are, can never be compared to the One with God as all relatiosnships with the others in the world are just abit of taste of Heaven. That is the reason why I choose "Draw me closer' as my song as I seek to purify my love each day to get closer to God and others with the help of the Holy Spirit in me. So, have to go through purgatory even now in order to be home with Him in the future.

Happy Easter!!

With Love,
God's child


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