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Monday, April 19, 2010

Five Years...

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For a change, instead of rambling on with my insignificant life and goings on, I would like to take this opportunity on the 5th anniversary of the pontificate of Pope Benedict XVI to wish him a glorious and blessed leadership and that God continues to support and grant him the necessary graces to carry our Church confidently into the future.

We continue to keep him in our prayers, especially with the recent bad press and uncalled for remarks from the media on the problem of sexual abuses in the Church.
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Angeline said...

in unity with with whole universal church, we pray..

Anonymous said...

Somehow I was prompted to buy his book "Jesus of Nazareth" at Borders today.
Am praying for time to read it...

Anonymous said...

Hi Fr aloy,

despite what the media and teh secular world may or might say on the evil doings of the church i.e the scandals.. the forces of evil shall not prevail against the church as Christ had promised.

The Church has taken the right steps to expunge the priest involved in the scandals and Pope benedict 16 has said that the scandals are the church's sins.. After this stage of purification, the Holy Mother Church will emerge a much holier church..

What we need now is to pray for the pope to perserve and lead the church thru the bad times.

Pax Christi

ylo said...

Prez Nathan has invited B16 to come SG next year. I wonder if he will accept the invite...

I still rem when JPII came to National Stadium in 1987 (was it '87? or '86?). Oh man, it was awesome... everything about it... despite the rain! :D


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