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Monday, March 29, 2010

The Rain...

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We have started Holy Week.

As I write this, it is raining heavily outside. It is a relief for the rains as the recent days have been hot and humid. It usually is like this for as long as I have been ordained that during this period in time as we make our way through the Triduum days, the weather can be seen as being heating up to a point that a downpour is also imminent by Good Friday.

Meanwhile, I struggle through my own 'Stations' as I continue to deal with my responsibilites in the parish as well as the Seminary. The past week has been very taxing with a series of penitential services in the schools (7) and the Serangoon district parishes (5). Hearing confessions from all kinds of people and of all walks of life can be quite an experience that can take a priest through all sorts of extremes. No wonder, I usually feel exhausted and a little numb after numerous bouts of confessions.

It is in this stage of Holy Week, when we have some days to recuperate or take a deep breath before the Triduum that I would hope to distance a little from the noises and distractions around in order to recover my senses. However, that is not always possible and I have to scrounge around for any bits and pieces of time that I can find in the midst of the goings on in and around the parish. It's ironic that on one hand I am running away from noise, while on the other hand, we have the Arts Festival which, for its theme this year, playfully asks, "What Noise Do You Wanna Make?"
Our city is always on the go, switched on literally 24 hours, 7 days a week and can't seem to be still. Much of that attitude is also seeping into and compromising our faith lives. For example, we have this strong tendency to multiply stations of the cross on Good Friday when they are not meant to be done during that day in the first place. The Stations have their proper time and place to be done, but to insist that it be placed together in same priority with the Good Friday services is to miss the whole picture of what posture and reflection Good Friday can offer on its own standing, which by the way, is an important part of the Easter Triduum celebration (while the Stations is not).

The rains have stopped and I have to also. Have a blessed Holy Week ahead and may your preparations for the Triduum and Easter be a fruitful and transforming one!
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Anonymous said...

Hello Fr Aloy,

Thank for being with us at IHM. Can see that you are doing your best here. I really appreciate the priests for being there for us to reconcile us with God and the community through the Sacrament of Reconciliation. I can't imagine hearing confessions everyday like the priests. No matter what, thank you for being the instrument of Love for all of us.

Have been spending a lot of quiet time with God during Lent. Somehow, I find Good Friday very 'noisy' as I tend to be busy with kneeling and standing and procedures for the Stations of the Cross instead of allowing me to be still and have really quiet time to contemplate on His Death and what it means to me as a Christian in my life.

I always find the purple cloth covering the Crucifix very overwhelming as it reminds me of my own death. I guess my fear stems from the fact that I know I may have unfinished business if I were to die suddenly and my tendency to cling to the things and people here. It means I may not have completed my mission and refuse to let go of things and people here which I am called forth to do and let go from time to time here. I guess Good Friday is really an appropriate time for me to contemplate and reflect quietly with God which aspects of my life need to die so that I can resurrect with Jesus on Easter Day and have a peaceful death if I am called home to be with the Lord at anytime by setting my focus on the eternal life instead of my transition here.

Fr Aloy, no matter what, thank you for being here at IHM with us. I do appreciate your presence here with us and your hardwork. God bless.

With Love,
God's child

karen said...

Hey Father,

Really do hope you get to have enough bits of silence to fully immerse in the spirit of Holy week.

Run away to Lake Aloy!

Have a blessed Holy week ahead and take care! Will be keeping you in prayer :o)

Anonymous said...

Hi Fr Aloysius:

This is my first time attending the Catholic church Easter.

It is overwhelming. A lot to ponder on.

Wishing you a Holy Week and all the best in your work.

God Bless


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