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Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Venturing into Advent

We now find ourselves in the midst of Advent and with the 1st week of it now.

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It is the theme of Hope and a virtue which we greatly need today in a world that seems to have lost this sense of outlook and running all over the place to find any medium to fill up that emptiness which is felt. Christians already have their answer in this through the person of Jesus Christ, yet how many can sincerly say that one is truely hopeful of the future and our heritage that is in heaven, where now all is not quite yet there.

I am in the Seminary for these 3 days till Thursday, giving a retreat to the seminarians who are preparing themselves to be installed as lector or acolyte. Much of my reflection for them would be on their role and duties of the ministries which they will be living out as of tomorrow evening, Thursday, when they get installed by the archbishop in a special ceremony at their seminary chapel, attended by some priests, families and friends.

In the series of reflections is included this dimension of hope, coupled with faith, which asks of the seminarians to pay careful and close attention on how they can be persons that bring this Hope which people greatly need. Christians, in general, are to live as if there is a future to look out for, but one that is far more revealing and utterly fulfilling than what we can get in this world.We usually sell ourselves short by concentrating too much on this world and forgetting that we do have a greater life we are all called into - namely to be with God.

While not forgetting what we must still do here on earth in making it a better place for all, we must also see that this 'better place for all' is really a practice and pointer to a 'greater place for all'!

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