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Friday, November 27, 2009

Mac Haji!

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It took me a while, but I finally managed to drag myself to put in something here after much procrastination.

Part of why I could do so is because I had finally summed up some courage to make a buy for a Macbook Pro as my primary laptop, my older Viao having been put into the pasture due to 'old age'. The Sony laptop was already showing signs of dementia when some of its keys on the keyboard seems to forget what character to give when I press them. When SITEX came along, I headed down to the Expo and after some walking around, I decided to throw caution into the wind and plonked down my money on a 15" Macbook Pro which also offered some nice extra freebies and an Applecare  extended warranty (for $168). Now I am a Mac person. Perhaps I can now wear my old Apple t-shirt which is sitting quietly in the cupboard more often!

Actually, I am now writing this on my Mac!

Today, being a public holiday (Hari Raya Haji) also offered me an opportunity to catch up on putting something here as well. The past week and even today, had been rather busy. They were spent fire fighting some problems that crept up within some ministries I am currently looking after. There were a series of meetings and talking things through, with much discussion and giginv and taking, that after all of this, my whole body and mind just want to shutdown awhile. Thankfully, much have been resolved and, while there is still a lot of work to be done, all concerned were able to cooperate and move on to the main goal at hand - for the greater glory of God.

I had finished one retreat today for the Communion Ministers. It was a half day affair and a good and inspiring one for all. I had an hour and a half to share with them a passage from Hebrews 11 on faith and when it was over, there was a general renewed awareness for a better relation with our beliefs concerning how we live it out and the good examples of life to put into practice.

All in all, a fruitful and quiet day which the grace of God was allowed to flow and touched people's lives.

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Young Minstrel said...

FINALLY A MAC CONVERT XD!!!! but is it coincidental?! yesterday my Mac friend n i went into a Mac shop and now i'm reading a Mac entry!!! XD

wow..Macbook pro..

for me i think if i want a lappy i think i'd still go for a non-Mac, i'd type with a HP lappy before, feels good and quite user-friendly.

Mac will be a luxury for me ba..anyway, their software so expensive and proprietary?

Moreover i heard some programs like AutoCAD uses only Windows platform?

but seriously for a multimedia fan like me i'd still prefer a Mac. A Windows lappy would be for work n studies

*watery glazing bug eyes dreaming of owning a Mac lappy*

Young Minstrel said...

ah it's *watery glazing BIG eyes dreaming of owning a Mac lappy*, hungry waiting for 12pm to eat n watch Gundam 00 at the same time X3 until type wrong

Unknown said...

Wow! from VIAO SONY to MACbook PRO. What a leap. Now you can teach better. Good luck to MACbook Pro.One thumbs up!

mumbley said...

Macs rock! I'm using a MacBook Pro now for my research work and I love it so much that my Asus laptop is just gathering dust!

Unknown said...

@mumbley: I know what you mean. Not only my old Viao is sitting silent up in my room, so's my PC rig which has been sitting forlornly in the room upstairs too :-D


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