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Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Blind Sided!

The Blind Side (film)
There are a lot of people in this country who do nice things for others. If you love the Lord, you do what you need to do. Talk is cheap.
Leigh Anne Tuohy

There is a little miracle going in with a particular new movie just out in the States and is drawing crowds away from the current mooning of a vampire movie, New Moon. The miracle that lies in this new movie is that it is Christian based, by a Christian director and tells a heart-warming true story of sorts which portrays Christianity that is neither didactic or gratuitious. It gives a sense of goodness which does not "slap people in the face with religion". I first came across this about a month ago when I happened to watch the trailer from iTunes and was immediately captivated by it, wondering if it will make waves or turn heads later on due to its motivational message and an honest-to-goodness Christian kindness that  would appeal to the ordinary senses tired of rethoric, supernatural gobbledeegook and New Agey nonsense.
Terry Mattingly, a religion columnist for Scripps Howard News Service and the director of the Christian-oriented Washington Journalism Center said, “Most films from Hollywood that involve faith take out all the details — it’s just vague and mushy or it’s negative religious stereotypes. But ‘The Blind Side’ is a real movie. And then it has another factor: showing respect for religious motivations and emotions.

Check out the trailer here and a somewhat spoilery of a blog entry on the movie here!

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Anonymous said...

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Gallivanter said...

Sounds like a good movie to watch.

Unknown said...

Hi, thanks for the recommendation. I got to watch out for an opportunity to make my own comments.

Anonymous said...

I watched it! I watched it! Thanks for the research...suggest some more...


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