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Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Into the Wild, Sort of...

Picture of Henderson Waves, Singapores highest...Image via Wikipedia
In a place and space like Singapore, you wouldn't think that this concrete jungle can be kind enough to allow both nature and greenery to sit alongside together in a harmonious relationship with its hard and straight look of the cities.

Yet that seems to be the case and a good effort at that with the emergence of the renovated parks and recreation areas on this island. I made a 2+ hour walk with two other parishioner friends yesterday morning along the parks, flora and fauna of the Southern Ridges, beginning with the Hort Park through to Alexandra Road area,  past Henderson and ended up at Telok Blangah hills into Harbourfront.

It was a walk with nature and kept me in perspective with the fact that life is not all about people and things within the immediate surroundings of my own comfort zone, but also into the wild and green of nature and all things 'bright and wonderful'.

This has been a good Advent exercise to get in touch with the natural wonders around me and not to take anything for granted. Anybody who feels cramped and boxed-in with a dash of migraine can take up this walk of sorts to clear your cobwebs in your head and get some fresh air along the way too!

(more pics from my outing here)
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Young Minstrel said...

kyaaa!!! got 'ragun and bearbeartree!!! din noe they have attractions like that too!! but anyway i can't walk back's starting to be like it was before the operation years ago, really worried

Anonymous said...

beautiful pics of the bridge.. Good work Fr aloy.. very professional..

i was wondering if you want to put all these pics into a collection into a book or a magazine.. one day..

I always like nature.. sometime i do go to punggol beach just to look at the sea.. so refreshing..

Unknown said...

@anon: no plans yet. but if do, may do up thru ;-)

Anonymous said...

hi Fr aloy,

i hope you do collect all yr pics and put into a coffee table book.. very nice.. well taken..

Natasha Yong said...

Totally know what you mean about taking a different perspective with nature. Did a similar walk through Botanic Gardens on Wednesday. Will need to find time to upload the pics :)


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