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Wednesday, December 05, 2001

A Checklist aka It Pays to be Ready
Another day of a holiday. You'd think you'd have tons of fun things to do once the holidays come and when they do you find yourself scratching your head wondering what to do next....

Myself, here are a few things I'd need to look into:
a. finish my last part of my vocation article for Waypoint.
b. get my hair cut before going back to Melaka for Christmas.
c. go for Sacrament of Reconciliation before going back to Melaka.
d. help the St Anne's Choir get sample of clothings for their Xmas pageant (I think their presentation has a refreshing outlook, not like the normal Christmas story but still very true to its message).
e. Visit Malcolm and Fr Chan before I go off to Melaka.

Looks like there are suddenly quite a lot of things to do! Meanwhile something from Nextdraft. Good to be reminded now and then about them viruses...

The Return of Free
Free has been a dirty word on the internet
over the last couple of years. But it may
return. This time in the form of security
software. Almost all viruses could be stopped
if everyone always had the updated patches.
The Bush computer advisor thinks that free
and current security software updates are a must.
Free and Current Virus Software
There is a new virus making the rounds today.
"Goner" comes in the form of an email that
invites the recipient to check out a cool
attached screensaver. Don't.
Goner Virus

Be good!

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