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Sunday, March 31, 2002

Easter and El Cheapo
Resurrected at last! Finished my Holy Week Retreat and am on two-day break for the Easter hols (today and Monday. woohoo!) It had been a grace-filled and humbling
period to be with the one person that matters - God - and see what I need to do to make the better difference in my life and to share that with others. After hibernating for a week off the Net, this entry may get rather long with insights on my spiritual journey. Good they may but they coem with certain affirmative actions. Actions which I aim to look into as they do touch very pertinently on my studies to the priesthood and the kind of priest I ought to be. Now they are only words. I have to live them out soon...

Meanwhile I begin my review of a blog assign to me from the P2P project at cutecut. So, here goes:
With some trepidation, I skipped over to my assigned weblog to begin my review. I was wondering what great blogger site I am going to speak about seeing how my own seemed rather bland and catering to a specific audience - my friends who know me and those others who have the same mind like myself (read as - very few...).

To my surprise, I found the blog www.cheapo.blogspot rather much a kitten's mew. My first perception of 'cheapo' is that it's rather new on the block. At least itis new because it only had one entry and not updated since Feb 27. Nevertheless, it seemed to have an affinity for things French (it's 'Non!!' screams out for recognition...). It's rather difficult to ascertain what clay smith wants to project in his blog, based on that single entry. Perhaps when he (she? I'll assume it's a he, OK...?) gets the ball rolling once again, I may get an inkling of what he wants his audience to hit out at.

There seems to some problem with his links to his archives though. Nothing serious but still an irritant. Nothing much to like or dislike here. It a rather short one-entry blog that hasn't seen much action since Feb 27 but perhaps under all this 'cheapo' style there may lie a genuis blogger waiting to be unveiled.

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