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Monday, December 14, 2009


When one brings up the question of encountering God, the ideas and perception that comes with it usually may fall under that of visions, extraordinary happenings, etc. For some people, perhaps that may be the way needed to rouse up the attention of the seeker and point him or her towards the right or needed path to go.

For myself, I have never bothered with those and usually would seem suspect as I am one who prefer the quiet and ordinary to speak to me instead. It therefore depends on my disposition and attitude of my take to life and my surroundings. I was once again reminded of this during my Engaged Encounter of the last weekend where I, together with 2 other EE couples, presented and conducted the program for couples who were preparing for their wedding.

This was my first time facilitating and conducting this and was a little apprehensive about how I would go about to making it a fruitful one for all 30 couples that were there. But because of the encouragement and love shown by the presenting couples, I managed to weather through my nervousness and doubts and began to enjoy the sessions which began to speak to me about the love and life of God exhibited through all the couples present there.

Part of the life and love of God speaks also of the challenges and trials which any couple would undergo in making their marriage, not only, work but also beautiful. It was through the experiences at the EE that I once again encountered God in a significant way that was, at the same time, so down to earth and ordinary. By the end of the weekend, when everything was wrapped up, there was a mixed feeling of relief and also sadness that I had to leave the couples as we send them off to their impending married lives.

I have always known that God can be encountered in so many different ways that one does not need to go so far to find Him. To those who think God doesn't bother to get in touch with us, I can assure you He certainly does and does so in ways that we sometimes missed out on because we are looking elsewhere.
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Young Minstrel said... ah..looking forward to ur Marriage Encounter blog entry..or did it liao.. :?

ylo said...

I think part of the problem is that we may be looking elsewhere. The other part of the problem is that we are not looking hard enough so we could just miss it.

Anonymous said...

I guess due to our past experiences, we may be hesitant to get into the unknown at times. That is when faith comes in to turn into the seemingly impossible matters into something fruitful in the end. Jia you, Father!! I believe you can do it. Welcome into the world of adventure with God in you!!

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