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Monday, February 17, 2003

Ever Closer
Same time next week I shall be one step closer to the priesthood as the diaconate looms as a reality, that signals my acceptance of my vocation I have been on all this while. Already the very essence of the pastoral life in the parish is already felt through my stay here at Holy Family and the experiencing of the various ebb and flow of life's trials and joys of this parish.

The seminary may have been intrumental in forming a seminarian's mindset of what pastoral work may be like but it will take one a total immersion in a parish to have a complete feel of life here and what it is all about. No matter how much one mentally prepares oneself for what ever life can throw at you in a parish there will be one or two that can throw one off balance. In the end, one can only hope to see the humour of this all and carry on with life that also is illuminating because it is one in, with and through Christ.

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