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Monday, November 02, 2009


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Okay, so we have passed through Halloween's, All Saints' and now we have All Soul's.

All speak of the reality of a supernatural  order that points to something greater than our being. It also shows up our own mortality and how we constantly struggle with the issue of death. It is in this mood that it is difficult not to feel a little melancholic or sober with a dash of fear that one really can go anytime.

It is really laughable when you consider the fact that we may come from all walks of life, with different status and level of intelligence and 'greatness'. However, at the end of it all, we all return to dust that we are...

But to stop here and say nothing else would be totally selling ourselves short - as we always like to do.

The Christian response (and of which I am happy to be part of this great calling) is one of hope, wonder and peace to this question of death. It is because, this response is open to the greater transcendence that continues to pervade our dimension even if we choose to ignore it. We are 'hardwired' for the transcendent and and there is something within our being that 'pushes' us to seek the beyond. When we suppress or deny this 'inner wiring' that is there, it shows up in retaliation through different strains of reaction.

One interesting manner which this comes about, is the current fascination of many young people with vampirism, zombies, and all dark natured related items. The industry that services this fascination thrives in bringing about all sorts of activities, books, movies and related collectibles, thereby creating an industry of sorts which is very profitable and, yes, self-indulging.

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As Christians, we know that our hardwiring is towards a God whom we call Father and Jesus Christ points us the way to Him, as did many countless other saints and holy men and women. It is because of this beacon that constantly blazes the path towards our eternal heritage of sons and daughters of God that we are, we can be reassured and walk in this life a better and enlightened person who knows what it means to have faith, hope and charity.

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tessa said...

Fr. can you pls clarify - yr para on the christian response to the question of death - you said "this( christian)reponse is open to the greater transcendence..." surely you don't mean to say that only christians are 'hardwired' for the transcendent ...? I would like to believe that this desire for the 'beyond' is embedded in every soul.

Lavinia Tai said...

To live is to die and to die is to live. And yet many Catholics are not sure whether heaven really exists. Earlier on, there was a church member who said that he wanted to enjoy himself whilst he could. What if God doesn't exist? What if life ends with death? I find it very difficult trying to comfort cancer patients. The fear of death is so intense because they are not sure if there is really life after death.

Unknown said...

@tessa: it is true that the desire for the beyond is embedded in every soul, but it takes a Christian response to show that awareness and spiritual reality to others to come to know of. In this instance, I am more refering to Christians to come to terms with this as All Souls is in their context. :-)

Anonymous said...

God wants all of us to be saints.. question is do we want to be one.. or rather do we want to do his will.. ?? God never force us.. but all the time He give us inspiration to do his will..

Anonymous said...

Fathery Aloy! Just wanna wish you a very Happy birthday! God Bless always :-) .. Fm Ross Chew (ex Holy Cross LRSS)

ylo said...

Happy Birthday fral!!! You're ze best!!! :-D

Anonymous said...

hi father aloy

happy birthday.. may the good lord bless yOU!

IHM parishioner!

Darren Boon said...

Happy Birthday Fr Aloy. Still 5 mins to go b4 midnight.

Darren Boon aka Zilchster


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