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Thursday, November 12, 2009

Christmas Prelude - Of Sorts...

German painting, 1457
I am feeling a little Christmas-sy this evening.

I headed down to the parish bookshop a few doors down and got myself a 5 CDs of Christmas hymns, songs and music in this spur of Christmas spirit that seems to have pervaded my office today. One of the newly purchased CD is already playing, with the music wafting and weaving its unmistakeable magic around the room.

This was a far cry from a few days ago, or even a week ago when I had the dubious honour to be hit with the blues that made the past days rather moody and lost. I was feelnig myself getting much more irritated easily and wished I could hit out at something. I managed to reined in my emotions and decided yesterday to take a bus-ride towards ECP and did a spot of roller blading. But the ride was tediously slow due to the traffic jams that occurred along the Paya Lebar Road toward Tg Katong. Coupled with the fear that it may rain along the way, as I saw the skies were cloudy, I was getting impatient and feeling frustrated as the minutes wore on. Thankfully I finally arrived my destintion and the skies cleared and I had my first full-fledged roller blading in two years. There is this feeling of the freedom of doing something out of the usual office or ministerial work...

Part of my moodiness lies in the fact that I have been doing much fire-fighting and problem solving with the ministries currently under my care. On the surface, everyone seems nice to everyone. But scratch a little deeper, the ugliness and bitterness of the reality of politicking in any ministry begin to show. But, by God's grace (it's the only way can see how), things are slowly being worked out. They just demand a little sacrifice to walk a little way off the comfort zone a bit.

Another reason for the moodiness is the realization that I have gotten another year older and wondering what  good have I really done (my thanks to all who have given me the birthday wishes and greetings!). It is this good that Paul was beating himself over when he says that he wants to do the good that is called for in his life but ended up doing the bad instead. I can empathise with him on that.

But today, the curtain of gloom seems to have lifted up to reveal a picture of hope and freshness that takes one away from engaging in a seminar with the devil and to face the rubrics of happiness which God offers. Hence the Christmas mood of sorts. It is the reminder, once again, of how Godly power can be found in the weak, meek and lowly. Yes, it is difficult to flow with that when I am in a position that can force me to control and dictate the flow of events. Nonetheless, this is the way of the basin and water the towel. It can also be the 'lonely' way which few dare to walk on...

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Anonymous said...

happy belated birthday boy!

Laurieee said...

Dear Fr 'Annoysius', =)

Firstly, HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY. sorry I just found out and did not wish you on actual day.

I am touched by your personal sharing,thanks for being so candid and I can really relate to your feelings of moodiness and frustations. I myself also have bouts of these emotions fraying my peace of mind, sometimes so intense I even have angry nightmares at my own helplessness over ugliness and injustice and fire-fighting happening around me everywhere. sighhh.

Am glad the sun is shining again.
Happy World Kindness Day Today.
You deserve a bouquet.

For all the good you have done, in making a difference in many lives.
God is not done with you, expect more good things to come. =)

PS: Forgot to thank you for your beautiful explanation on the heretics. Really gave alot food for thoughts, to chew at reflection. =)

Thankfully :
Cold Frog - "Kwa Kwa Kwa".

tessa said...

mmm..very intriguing..."the way of the basin & water"... Is this a saying translated from a peribahasa,pantun, shaer or peranakan idiomatic expression - Fr. ?

Unknown said...

@tessa: I meant to say 'way of the basin and the towel..' actually! :-D

Anonymous said...

Hi Fr, I always wondered how is a typical day in the life of a priest..(Hope you can write a blog entry on this)I know you all are very busy in the weekends..but how about weekdays..lots of time to reflect? quiet and peaceful? If there being the case, I would like to be priest if I can live my whole back again..No doubt.

Anonymous said...

hi annoymous..

are you thinking of becoming a priest?? or still comtemplating??

oh well.. let the hOly spirit guide you?? will pray for you..

God bless!!

ok.. here it goes.. normally they wake up at 5.30am.. most of us are still in dreamland.. saliva still dripping form the mouth.. hahah..
wash up.. followed by meditation.. and some exercise eg taichi (good for the mind!!)some say morning mass at 6am or 6.30.. depending on the roster

ard 6.45-7am.. they come down for community prayer for the religious orders eg franciscans..not sure for diocese priests..

after that they do their personal stuff.. some go to teach in seminary ..some are parish priests the parish biz..

lunch 12-1pm.. followed by siesta maybe 30 mins??

some go back to teach in seminary or the parish biz..

ard 6pm some will say mass.. follow by dinner ..nite time for some RCIA.. talks.. etc.. lights out at 10.30pm usually..

The priests will have to pray their divine office or LOTH liturgy of the hours at diff times of the day.. .. as part of their prayer life very important for priests..

well here you go.. that's from what i know.. btw i'm not a priest.. hope that helps..

am i correct Fr aloy??


Unknown said...

not that accurate a description but still quite a good general description of it :-D

you can check it further here at ->


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