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Saturday, October 24, 2009

Flurry of Events

Racial Harmony Day 08 (1)
Another eventful week past by and I am still reeling from the amount of work and activities that occured. :-)

I really could use an deep intake of air and breathe out, to consolidate all that has happened and what to make of them in the context of the ministry I am currently engaged in! There was this recent Racial Harmony event that involved our parish but came from the initiative of the Taoist temple nearby along Upper Serangoon Road. The news made a good page over at the Straits Time about three days ago. I was there on the grounds of the parish to take some shots and the pics can be viewed here.

Countdown '08 at Marina Barrage - Last Shot fo...Image by Synchroni via Flickr
Then there was a trip to the Marina Barrage which opened to me a whole new pespective of a Singapore which I had missed out on when I was away for studies. The place is, to my opinion, a breath of fresh air (and water) from the usual closed-up, crammed and concrete environment that is in most other parts of the island. Yes, there are some other places that offer open spaces and much more greenery and 'fresh air' to take in, but the Barrage is also an opportunity to look at the environment in a slightly different manner that is somewhat away from the straight and narrow. :-D My pics of the place are found here.

These kinds of places hold great hope for the imagination and awe of the glory of God that is found in creation and in other works cooperated with humans to promote the well-being and dignity of the person and for society at large.

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Lavinia Tai said...

Glad to see that you are writing frequently again. I do check your blog from time to time to see what's new in it. Sometimes I may be too busy to leave a comment but one thing is for sure - I am your regular visitor. Keep up your good work Father. We, Catholics, are very proud of you!

alvin mark said...


I heard you took some videos too on religious harmony day? :O) Nice shots!!

Unknown said...

@lavinia: thanks :)

@alf: no vids, just pics. the temple contingent took the vids :-D

Anonymous said...

was glad that the lion dance came .. all part of religious harmony..

Unknown said...

That's great! Finding new places and fresh air everyday keeps you leaping.

Jigsawsg said...

Greetings from cold, wet and windly Seattle. Nice church nearby St Anthony's. Very comforting to feel so much a part of mass even though a visitor. Small parish, warm and welcoming.

Just wondering how you were getting along in sunny Highland Rd.

Take care, God bless


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