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Tuesday, June 09, 2009

In the Between...

Time seems to be standing still for me this moment. I have finished my required studies and main exams for my course, save one. This one is coming up in 10 days time, but it may as well be a year from now with all this waiting! :-)

Yet, I am grateful for this intermission for it is allowing me to prepare myself sufficiently for that moment as I revise through those required topics and doing up the schemas for them. This will help a lot later when I finally know which topic to present for that day and do not need to hunt and run all over the place to search for the details and answers.

In the interim, I have put up a minor widget that sits unobtrusively by the right sidebar which, when clicked, will randomly direct me to any of my past posts or blog entries. It has been coming a little addictive, since then, to click on it and read what past entries I had done and compare that to where I am now. Some made me laugh, some made me cringe with embarassment, a few others brought a tear to my eye, but all a telling journey that carry with it a sense of growth and transformation of sorts.

Now that I am finishing another chapter of life's journey, what the next one will hold is anybody's guess....

(pic: East Coast Park benches, Nov 19, 2006)
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