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Thursday, June 11, 2009

ci vuole

There is something very 'magical' and heartwarming about this song. It is usually taught to young children and concerns about environmental appreciation which highlights the proper use of the Earth's resources. It was also taught at my Italian class when I was sequestered for 3 months in Terni. That was part of a lesson to get us to learn in a less rigid way the use of the Italian words and to get into the flow of things. The name of this song is 'ci voule'. Loosely translated, it means '(it is) necessary (to have)'.

It begins with the introduction of a table (tavolo) and what it needs to get that. The final analysis shows that we need 'fiore' or the flower to enable that end product, which is the table. Have a listen to this and see if you can get or catch the 'magic' behind the verses...

This is probably the only thing I like and could live with here in Italy (other than gelato)! :-D

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Young Minstrel said...

i get it.. X3 me, big kid

i even listened to the full sermon on the Holy Trinity! I thought the full version was going to be a boring one but Father's jokes got me laughing - n there was i - hooked

Thanks to Father i have a better understanding of the Nicene Creed

so in Faith - troll the hood y'all! XD

Anonymous said...

I like too even though I understand not! Enjoy your time with Fr Val!! :O) Alf


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