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Sunday, June 07, 2009


This Sunday is the solemnity of Trinity Sunday.

To many preachers, it is a preaching 'nightmare' because he will usually come against a wall of questions that he himself will find seemingly difficult to breach. It will undoubtedly start with this question, "What is the Trinity?" The listeners will also be put into a turmoil of sorts because at the end of it all, they will never really be able to grasp fully what it is all about with this God of ours!

I used to subscribe, in a tentative manner, to the poor analogy of the 3-in-1 scheme found in the commercial product of the instance coffee and other beverage mix. Because it is a poor analogy, I never was easy with it and constantly fret with how to approach all matters concerning the Trinity. I am also not alone in his dilemma as many other preachers encounter the similar problem.

However, all is not lost! I had mentioned 'seemingly difficult to breach' earlier. It is seemingly so because, really, we are not fighting against spiritual unknowns or mumbo-jumbo but honest-to-goodness truth and spiritual reality of God, but in a manner that will always be beyond our finite thinking. Much later, I had an insight of the implication of the Trinity that always unfolds during Mass and invites all present to partake in it. So, the necessary steps to help us come to a coherent and reasonable understanding of the Trinity have already been explicitated in a celebration which we always tend to take for granted!

Without further ado, let me present the following below as it unfolds the mystery before you...

You can also head here to listen to the main and complete sermon of Fr Barron for this particular occasion.

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