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Thursday, June 18, 2009

Almost Done...

Hymnal and RosaryImage by Quiplash! via Flickr

Friday, 19th June is coming into the horizon. It is the horizon where I shall experience the end of another chapter of my life, while a new one will swing around to take me onto another ride of my life....

I have already gone to the Dean's office on Tuesday morning to pick my topic for my presentation of my lectio this coming Friday's final exam. I get to do a piece which was from my previous seminar presentation topic of last year on the pastoral issues about the Rosary. So, I have all the details already done up, but only now need to spruce it a little to put it within the 40 minute time limit. That is God's providence for you! While waiting for Friday to make its appearance, I still have some time to gather my thoughts and memory to hopefully pull off a decent show at the lectio later.

Meanwhile, do pray for Fr Joseph Tan of IHM Church who has just recovered from an operation of a cancer-related illness.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Father, all the best for your last paper.
I have dropped you an email at your yahoo address for some info. hope to hear from you soon! Thanks. Olivia (Gerry's friend)

Mocha said...

Hi Fr, any chance you can share your presentation of the rosary here? I've grown to love the rosary & its beauty although I must admit I have yet to learn how to totally shut out distractions and other anxieties while saying it. I've read somewhere that it is better to say a decade properly than 5 badly. I would love to embrace all 5 well one day.

Mocha said...

And yes, I'll say a prayer for Fr Joseph Tan. IHM is one parish that I love for its tranquil environment & its pastoral leadership, Fr Joseph, Fr JJ & Fr Luke Fong.


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