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Saturday, June 06, 2009


I went across to have a peek at my previous parish youth group's website and chance across this entry about their members having a fun time together with the Family Life Ministy in a workshop together last May.

One wrote of having learned about the 5 Key Points to being Happier:
1. Stop being hard on yourself
2. Start hanging out with people who are positive
3. Start watching more comedies, more programmes that would make you laugh!
4. Spend some time every day/week by yourself to think, pray – love yourself
5. Journal your thoughts and goals regularly
Ok, (1) I understand. A lot of us can be very hard on our failures than moving on with the good that we have done and more good that we are very much capable of doing. This is because we tend to beat ourselves by having seminars with the Devil concerning our sins rather than going to our Father, in humility, repentance and with joy into this embrace of love and forgiveness.

As for (2), it is pretty obvious. It is like saying, also, that to avoid looking thin, don't hang out with fat people....

(3) is my favourite pointer!
Comic strip from The Buckets, by Greg Craven from

The Buckets
The effect is the same. Are you laughing already?... :-D

So, (4). Here in the Collegio, we have our daily masses and we celebrate them as a celebrant or concelebrants, the Mass being the most significant part in a life of a priest. Besides making that effort to love ourselves, we have to also make that significant movement to love others who are also our neighbours. Never easy!....

And finally (5), well, that is what this blog is all about! ;-)

So, I should be a little happier now as compared to yesterday - I think... But I know when I will be the happiest! It has got to do with two numbers - 2 & 6 - and followed by the letter 'J'...

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