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Saturday, April 18, 2009

Follow Me...

Many people seems to be taken up by things that tinkle the senses and furnishes the opportunity to heighten one's presence before others. I am refering to all those sites that promote social networking but I fear, in reality, promote a greater tendency for self importance and maybe, even a hint of self superiority.

Perhaps, on its own, it may be a good tool of communication and form of evangelization in this 21st century where the Net already has set its imprint as too familiar a way of life for most people who have access to it, including myself. I also do not begrudge those who use such forms of communication as a way to form genuine and lasting friendships and communication over the Net or even across continents. However, I am not in any great urgency to make my footprint on the Net any bigger than it already is. In case you do not know, I do value my privacy! Hence, I shun all those sites that entice you to socially network. If anyone would like to be my 'friend' can do so through the 'Follow' button already available on the left column of this dubious blog. That is as far I am willing to enslave myself to this 'social' connectivity....

So, follow away! :-D


Daphne said...

Father, you need a counter stating how many more days to Singapore. :P

Unknown said...

hahaha! well, I did thought of that, but I didn't want to make myself out like a desperate case so, I shelved the idea.

I may reconsider, though... :-D

Unknown said...

I really got to give more time before I can make any comment on this. That's a good wink anyway.


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