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Sunday, April 26, 2009

End is Nigh!

I got back my thesis from my moderator and am now ready to have that bound and submitted by next week. I finished my last few assignments for the semester and now able to concentrate a more fully for the final stretch of exams and the lection cuorom. In short, I am in the final throes of my studies here at the Angelicum and my departure date is slightly more than two months away! :-)

The past week has been a flurry of activity to get those items done up and that accounted for the lack of updates here. My mind had been preoccupied with writing about the 'cost' of grace (if there is such a term) and how the medieval mystics are still able to hold ton to their 'humanness' without compromising on their contemplative lifestyle which they were called to lived out. We are such complicated creatures that comes forth many 'spiritualities' that shows us, in a telling manner, how we manage our desires.

Meanwhile, I am finally putting up a counter that will show the days remaining before I leave this crazy place. Counting down!...


Daphne said...

Haha, you took my advise with the counter! :P Well, it's really gonna be soon! Hopefully the next 2 months goes smoothly! Can't wait to see you and welcome you home!!

Young Minstrel said...

ah, found it! - THE counter XD!!!

Young Minstrel said...

it's amazing how a doggie pee can CURE watchamacallthepisora - wat?!! XD

Anonymous said...

Congrats,Fr Ong,on completing your thesis.
The Angelicum@Ponggol beckons!
Will continue to pray for your continued academic success. Cheers! Clarence.

Young Minstrel said...

YAAAAAAAAAAY (eager-chocolate-beaver-um-sheep-um-)!!!!!!!!!

Young Minstrel said...

sorry...must tried looking for blog archive tried google but too jargon-filled n i can't find one to copy n paste..blogger's 'add a gadget's blog archive one doesn't work also :( where can i find one?

mumbley said...

Congrats, Fr Aloy! :)


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